Selling at Jinobi

Whether coordinating the sale of an entire estate or selling one or two items from your own home, Jinobi makes every effort to simplify the process in order to achieve our ultimate goal; your complete satisfaction.

Obtaining An Evaluation

Decide what you would like to sell and take photos with a digital camera or cellphone. To submit your items for an auction evaluations, please download and fill out our Auction Estimate Form. ONE item per form. Fill it in as thoroughly as you can and mail it to our offices together with a photograph of your property. You can also email those photos to together with Auction Estimate Form and any history or information about the item. Photographs will not be returned.

When you have all require pictures and informations, you can aloso use our website and up load the pictures through our evaluations page. Please send clear photographs of each individual item, including items dimensions and other pertinent information with each picture. The photos will be routed to the appropriate specialist. After reviewing the photos the specialist will determine if a visit to your home is necessary. Again, please fill it in as thoroughly as you can with a CLEAR photograph of your property.

If you prefer to bring your items to Jinobi please make an appointment so that we can give you the attention you deserve. Please call 713-478-8712 or email consign@Jinobi.comfor an appointment. After reviewing your photos or items, a Jinobi specialist will give you verbal auction estimates and review the commission and fee structure.

We are not auctioning appliances, items in poor condition or broken, filing cabinets, household items, soiled or damaged rugs, etc.


After we have reviewed the items you wish to sell and determined that your property is appropriate for sale at Jinobi's auction, our specialists will return your email with a conservative auction estimates for each of your item(s).

Once we agree on the sales terms and reserve, our specialists will discuss your sale requirements with you and record these on the Receipt and Contract Form. We will forward you a copy of our contract for review and guide you through our auction consignment process. Each item is listed on the contract with an estimate.

Consignment Contract

When your ready to sell your property at Jinobi, you must sign a consignment agreement. This is the contract we have with our sellers in which we agree to sell their property in our auction. Contract sets out the reserve price and the seller's commission and lists our terms and fees for services such as insurance, loss/damage liability, shipping and illustration.

Please check our commission and charges to sellerThe sellers.

This contract must be signed before we can proceed with the auction process of photography and cataloging. After the photos are taken they are processed and published on the Jinobi website and other websites we use.

After Auction Sale

After the auction, you will receive a notification that lists the final bid price for your property. This will list the individual lot(s) and the price made by each item. If a buyer wasn't found, you should speak with your Jinobi's contact to discuss either re-offering or collecting your property.

Payment is made by check after the auction date within 30 days after the auction, assuming that we have received full payment from the buyer. Commissions and relevant charges are normally deducted before your settlement check is prepared and sent. If you prefer to receive payment by bank transfer, you will be asked to meet any charges associated with the transfer.

There is an unsold minimum fee per lot (plus insurance as detailed above). There may be other additional charges, such as an illustration fee. Please review our commission and charges to sellerThe sellers. If you would like to re-offer your property in a future auction you can do so and should talk with the department. If you would prefer not to re-offer your property, you will need to make your own arrangements to collect it from us.

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How to Buy

Jinobi makes every effort to simple buying process in order to achieve our ultimate goal of your complete satisfaction.

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Request a Valuation

If you are interested in selling your property with Jinobi please follow one of the following options:

- Email our specialist departments
- Contact Jinobi office

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